Get started

Figurosity has a few tools to help
you become the artist you are.

Be on the look out,
more are on the way.

Quick poses

Our Quick Pose tool is amazing.

You can limit the poses you see by,
gender, camera angle,
dressed, nude, muscle and smooth views,
and which way the model is facing.

Practice with the poses you want!
No jibs, no jibes.

360° viewer

Our 360° viewer is the best there is.

It enables you to spin the muse around,
zoom in and out,
change camera angles,
and see the muse in dressed, nude,
muscle and smooth

Get the exact pose you want! No fuss, no muss.

Search, Sets & Filters

Our search, sets & filters help you find the pose you want, fast.

Find poses by
muse, gender, camera angle,
style, body position and props.

Spend your time making art,
not searching for inspiration.

What's next

The future is bright for Figurosity.

Blindingly bright, really.

We have some great ideas on what’s to come.
It could be animals or even live models.

Whatever it is,
it is guaranteed to be amazing.