What is Figurosity

Figurosity is here to help you become the artist you are.
We offer a tools and poses to help you hone your skill.

Figurosity now has 3 tools you can use.

1. The quick pose

2. The 360° viewer

3. Search (yea, it’s a tool)

Be on the look out, more are on the way.

Quick Poses

With Quick Poses, you capture a lot of information in a short time.

Quick Poses help you warm up and they improve your understanding of anatomy.

Best of all, Quick Poses encourage you (through more action and less thought) to draw poses outside of your comfort zone.

360° viewer

The 360° viewer enables you to get the perfect angle for every pose.

Spin the muse around for the perfect angle.

Zoom in on any area you want. See the muse dressed, nude and in muscle view.

Search & Filters

Search allows you to quickly find just the right pose.

Search by muse, gender, style, position and props.

What's next

The future is really bright for Figurosity.

Blindingly bright, really.

Video tutorials

We’ve been talking about adding video tutorials on all aspects of making art.

Well, more than talking about. We’re actually looking into it.

Share your art

It could be just your trusted friends, your larger community, OR everyone in the WORLD!

Virtual critiques & classes

Create critiques with whoever you want. Or maybe teach an art classes.

The honest low-down

We’re looking to you to help us figure out what’s next for our community.

Let us know if there is anything you’d like to see.

Check out our poses!